Matt touching his face through the years.

Matt touching his face through the years.

Matt is a designer and electronic musician, currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Matt grew up within throwing distance of the Indy 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He's a proud graduate of Herron School of Art & Design, earning a BFA in Visual Communication Design.

In 2008, Matt co-founded Naplab, an urban-interests group. Naplab designed and produced the first map of Indy's neighborhoods. An unprecedented artifact for the city, the map aggregated over 400 sq miles of disjointed neighborhood documentation.

In 2012, Matt was honored as an "Emerging Voice in Indianapolis Design" by the Design Arts Society of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Matt moved to Portland in 2014 with his wife, Tara. Along with design and music, he loves golden era Hip-Hop, digging for vinyl, architecture, urban planning, watching films (especially those about the future, time-travel or the apocalypse), and researching obscure cults.